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Raya Max wanted to create a positive impact on the environment when making her pieces, so please enjoy this Eco-Friendly range! Browse the sustainable tees and Beanie, From 100% organic cotton, certified by the fair wear union, each has its’ own stylistic twist.

Starlight Embroidery

Organic Heavy Cotton T-shirt

£28 incl VAT and shipping

Flamingo Embroidery Organic Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

£28 incl VAT and shipping

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Raya Max Embroidery
Organic Cotton Beanie

£23 incl VAT and shipping

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Starlight Print Organic
Heavy Cotton T-shirt

£25 incl VAT and shipping

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For something incredibly soft and luxurious to wear, look no further than some of these organic cotton products. With an ever-growing eco-friendly range, it’s important to understand the benefits of choosing some of the sustainable materials there is available and, how they are made.

Organic cotton is grown without the aid of any of these chemicals, which positively impacts the environment in the following ways:


  • Less water is used in its production as there is less irrigation of the farmland

  • Less energy is used in its production as there is no need to produce fertiliser

  • It encourages a more balanced eco-system of healthier soil balance, using animals and insects to manage pests and allows better crop rotation

  • It is better for the health of the farmers and cotton workers


As well as huge benefits to the environment, organic cotton is also classed as ‘hypoallergenic’ so has no allergy effect or irritation to the person wearing it too.

Apparel Description

Long lasting and soft to touch, a luxurious feel for a dress up or casual occasion, at home, in the gym or putting these pieces with a chic outfit!

Here is the size guide below:


Stella Stanely Tshirt meausrements.png

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